Friday, October 07, 2011

Life Goes On

One night Stephen started to spell people's name with our fridge magnets. Here is his picture of Oma Great's (Jono's grandmother's) name.

I bought a sewing machine from a friend with the hopes that I would become crafty. Well, having a sewing machine hasn't made me crafty. Stephen was quite entertained by me trying to fix Jono's pants. I was trying to make them into shorts since he put a whole in them. I think I now know why my mom stopped teaching me how to sew!

Here are our two super men ready for bed. They may have the same shirts on but they definitely have different personalities!

And our Esther. She keeps growing.

I've been trying to think of something interesting to write about. I couldn't find anything. I think life here has become routine and normal. Its hard to think of interesting things to write about or take pictures of. So, I guess these random pictures of the kids (and me) will have to do.


Hannah & Ryan said...

Yay! Random pictures are good! Esther is getting so big!! Love 'seeing' you guys!

clabbots said...

LOVE the pics and love reading about the random things you are doing! SO not random nor ordinary.


Angels said...

Kids are angels!!! Real supermen))))))