Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Reading with Daddy in my playroom.

Run, run as fast as you can


New Family picture

Not the greatest but Stephen wasn't up to staying still for a photo op. He loved to run around even though Uncle Jake almost had a heart attack when he did!

Mt Baker itself

And people say there is no God??? How can they when He made this?

Mt Baker trip

I went "hiking" for the first time on Sunday with Uncle Jake and Aunt Donna and mom and dad. Here are some of the views.

Apple saves the day

Mom and Dad found out that I would tolerate the scissors if I could eat an apple. Notice that my curls at the back are gone? Don't worry, Mom kept them!

My first haircut

I wasn't too impressed when mom came at me with scissors on Saturday. What was she thinking? I love my curls and wings!! They make me cute. I did find out that if I move my head at the wrong time, the cutting doesn't go so well!

Family picture

This family picture was taken by my Beppe when she came to visit. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital picture of her to prove that she was here. But, Mommy made her work and we will enjoy the fruit of her labour all winter.

I found out that I can eat apple straight from the apple!!

But I do tend to spit out the peels and leave them on the floor or where ever I have been!

The greatest coffee table in the world...

I love to crawl through the coffee table and look at people through the glass top. Sometimes I do get stuck and then its not too much fun.

Our first family visitors at our new house

Uncle Rod and Aunt Becky came to visit me on their way to Japan. It was great to spend some time with them before they left. I miss you!! Come home soon.

Ewok wanna-be...

This is the house coat that I got from mom and dad's Bible study in Korea. I'm finally big enough to wear it.

I am now "Forward Facing"

This is me in my car seat. I love being "forward facing" because I can see more. I can "vroom, vrooom" with all the cars I see and talk to the trees! I can also throw things at mom and dad if I don't want them anymore! BUT, I DO NOT like it when the sun shines on my face. It makes me quite grumpy.

Walking down the beach with Daddy

One afternoon before we moved to Langley we went to the Fraser River and walked along the path. It was Stephen's first time in sand (without shoes). He even ventured into the water (with some help) and splashed around with Daddy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A busy month

Well, since our last post, a lot has happend. We packed up our apartment in Abbotsford and moved to a house in Langley. It feels huge and it is because our old place would fit in here at least twice! We really want to thank all those who helped us pack and unpack and settle in here.
Our first weekend here, Rod and Becky came to visit on their way to Japan. It was great to have them around and talk about life. We will miss them while they are gone but we know that God has great plans for them and we will see them again.
Since then, Jono has started school and tutoring. He is taking fewer classes than last semester but they have more work involved. He is also tutoring 4 times a week so he is quite busy. BUT, he doesn't have to spend an hour in the car everyday so that is great (especially with gas prices). Janice has started a class too. Phonetics. It is a night class so its not a great time commitment but it is a large brain commitment!!! Stephen loves to run around the house and make noise. He was working on a few teeth but seems to have taken a bit of a break. I think that may be good for all involved. Yesterday, he got his year shots and started crying as soon as he saw the nurse take the needle out of the drawer. That kid has a good memory.
My mom (Janice's mom) has been here for a week. She has been a great help and has been put to work. We have been able to can peaches and pears, make applesauce, bake, design and sew curtains, and do some shopping. Phew, all that in only a week. I stopped her from starting her Christmas baking!! Yesterday, as we were preparing the front window for its new curtains, Mom fell. I had visions of her being with us for 6 -8 weeks because of a broken hip. Thankfully, she is only bruised and sore. So, she will be going home today! I must also mention that my grandmother, Beppe, has also been here. It is amazing that she is still able to travel and spend time with her grandchildren and great-grandson!!! Praise the Lord!
When we get a cord for our camera, we will post some more pictures.