Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Zoo

Opa and Oma took Stephen to the Toronto Zoo on the Saturday of the August long weekend. It seems they were a little surprised that it was busy! Mom and Dad spent the day relaxing and running some errands. Can you read Stephen's shirt? It is from Beppe and says "Opa is the Greatest!"

Birthday pictures

Stephen had a "dirt cake" in a "big truck" for his birthday cake. He loved it and was obviously very excited about some of his presents. We all had a great time celebrating his second birthday.


At Oma and Opa's house Stephen spent hours on the trampoline.

Monday, August 21, 2006

We're Still Alive

Hey look!!! A new post! Yeah, it's true that we haven't updated in a while. We know. It's also true that we have been busier than ever. If you want a quick rundown of what all's been happening with us, read on. Well, July 20 is a long way back and I'll see if I can remember that far.
We left from Pake and Beppe's (Janice's parents) home and moved into Oma and Opa's (Jono's parents) home. When we got here, Dave was here as well, getting things ready for his wedding. Dave and I also spent a lot of time cleaning up around the house for Dad. I also realized that I was about a month behind on my Greek, so I finally started working on Greek II. I am only halfway done right now, and need to get it done before school starts. So, somewhere between now and the west coast I need to find time to complete the final half of the course, write two tests and an exam! That should be fun.
The end of July brought Stephen's second birthday. He had a dirt cake in a dump truck and was quite thrilled with it. He still asks to sing "Happy Birthday" daily and loves all his new toys and movies. Many thanks to all Stephen's aunts and uncles who came for the big party and spoiled him with gifts.
At the beginning of August we also took a whirlwind trip down to the Hamilton and Niagara region to visit friends and family that we hadn't seen much of. We were able to catch up with friends that we hadn't seen in a few years. Stephen behaved himself quite well considering we were visiting three places per day and were spending quite a bit of time in the car. It was actually quite hot in the car because we didn't have air conditioning and Stephen refused to let us put the windows down very far. We were very glad to get back home.
The tail end of this trip to Hamilton and Niagara was a reunion of sorts with people that Janice and I had lived with at Redeemer. We were able to spend some time with more long-lost friends. We went swimming, had a hay-ride, played bocci and ate tons of food.
We gave Stephen a few days to recuperate from that trip and then this week we went up to Grenville Park where my aunt and uncle have a campground. We spent four days there getting ready for my brother Dave's wedding. He had a lovely outdoor ceremony. (We'll post pictures soon.) We also got to see more people who we hadn't seen in a while. Unfortunately for us, Janice, Stephen and I all came down with some nasty colds and sore throats. We were kind enough to pass it on to several other family members, so it was actually quite a tiring weekend.
That brings us to today. We have been doing errands and some running around and cleaning up, getting ready to head west again for my final semester. We are leaving in two days and plan to spend just over a week on the road. We will stop at a few people's places on the way. We plan to be home by September first. Hopefully I will get a chance to write my tests then.
We may have a chance to post some picutures, but if not you'll have to wait another couple weeks before the next update.