Sunday, March 15, 2009

And one of Silas crawling.

More, more, more

Oma reading to the boys before breakfast.

The four musketeers at our last bonfire. Can we say troubleÉ

Silas enjoying dinner at the bonfire with Oma. Stephen had fun roasting his marshmellow.

It is happening!

Here are two trucks on the road. I guess there are no weight limits or height limits here!
Here is Stephen with a warthog at Yankari Game Reserve. This was after the baboons ate all the food I packed for them! But, before getting sick and a flat tire on the way home!

Samuel was sick on this trip so here he was sleeping on Daddy in the water. Relaxing and comfy.

And more ... is this really happeningÉ

Jono and Stephen and Samuel and their new bikes!
Janice canning spaghetti sauce, salsa, and pizza sauce. Thanks Mom B for all your help!

Some more pics

Stephen lifting weights
Jono and Andy shopping for a tap for our water tank so it won`t leak anymore.

Big family picture with Opa and Oma and new bikes!


Hello everyone! Here is to trying again!
Things are going well. Its really hot and humid but I think we have adjusted to it. We consume large amounts of water all day long and sweat all day long, even while we sleep.
The boys continue to grow and change. Silas likes to walk holding our hands and can crawl anywhere to keep up with his brothers. Stephen loves to ride his new bike and it looks well worn. Samuel prefers to sit on his and tell us that Oma and Opa brought it for him.
Jono is busy with work. He is working on some alphabet books and collecting more data. I am busy with the boys. I have given up trying to keep them clean!