Thursday, September 16, 2010

He has arrived!

Just to let you know that Jono called during dinner to let us know that he had made it to the guest house in Abuja! Praise the Lord for safe travels so far. He will head up to Jos in the morning. We are all doing well on the home front. There will be a lack of pictures in the updates as Jono took our camera with him. Sorry-o!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Laundry and Esther

I am still trying to decide how to "do" laundry. Do I do a load a day and feel like I am always doing laundry? Or do I do it all on one day and have all this folding and putting away to do at once?

And Esther, she is crawling all over, has cut one little bottom tooth and seems to be working on another, and likes to cruise around furniture and people's legs. Where has my baby gone?

First Day of School

In reverse order, here are the boys getting off the bus after their first day of school.

All four of them sitting on the front steps waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus to come. I thought we did pretty good getting 5 out of 6 dressed for the big day.

Silas wanted his picture taken too!

Stephen decided that maybe mom was right and he should wear a sweater.

Samuel was so excited to go to JK. The first words out of his mouth that morning were "Is the bus here?"

Kris and Kristy's Wedding

They are married! They walked out to bagpipes - or a screaming cat according to Stephen.

I liked the way my "little" brothers had to duck to get into the tent! Why didn't I get some of that height?

Here are 5 little monkeys having popsicles on the back porch after the rehearsal BBQ.