Friday, October 12, 2007

Some pictures of our life in Nigeria

Hopefully there are still some people who visit this blog once in a while. We can't promise that we will be any more regular, but we will do our best.
Some of these pictures are recycled from our email update that we send out. But here they are again.
Stephen sitting on one of our 14 suitcases!!
New Duplos!!
Samuel enjoys them, too.
The easiest way to keep the boys out of trouble... Stephen LOVES Mighty Machines. Samuel actually doesn't really like watching movies too much. I suppose that's good.
Here we see a rare sight indeed! First, Janice is ironing. Second, she's ironing diapers. Apparently, when it's mango fly season it becomes necessary to iron clothes in order to kill the mango fly larvae that may have embedded themselves in your laundry. It's not actually mango fly season, so on this particular day we didn't need to be ironing the diapers. Live and learn, I guess.
Janice and Stephen are making cookies in the kitchen. They turned out very well, especially considering it was Janice's first time baking them with this gas oven.
Samuel has learned how to crawl the "real" way. He no longer drags himself commando-style through the house. Isn't he cute? He has not been feeling himself the past couple of days. We think he has a cold, or is sick with something. His naps are very short and he wakes up happy, but only for half an hour, or so and then he realizes he's tired and grumpy.
This is the general state of Stephen's room.
These are a few of the neighbourhood kids. There are a few who are closer to Stephen's age, too. These guys really enjoyed playing with the Duplo.
Here is Stephen with his ball, walking to invite some of the kids to play. This was before he knew any of them, so he was actually being quite brave by just walking over to their house and asking them to play with him. Now he knows most of the kids pretty well. They get along well for the most part, although it's not always easy for him.

Some pictures of our life in Nigeria

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, now that you know that.... our apologies for not updating for a long time. We have been realizing the limitations of the internet here. It is even more severe than our dial-up connection in Ontario. We also were unable to log on to our blog for a couple days. Every time we tried, we were rerouted to the wrong page.
Anyway, now that we have most of the bugs fixed, we will make sure we post some new stuff up here.
The battery in the laptop is almost dead, but tomorrow we will try to post some new stuff!


Everything on this page is in Italian and I don't know why. Hopefully I can navigate my way around well enough.