Saturday, September 30, 2006

After Winnipeg

We didn't know that Kandahar was in Saskatchewan!
Welcome to Saskatchewan! Naturally.
A feed mill which would excite Stephen because then there would be "trains" nearby!
This is actually still in Manitoba. We decided that Manitoba is flatter than Saskatchewan.
Our car got hit by some tumbleweed. Jono thought he should take a picture of it!

We left Winnipeg in time to miss "morning rush hour". There was barely any traffic so we sailed on through to Saskatchewan. Everyone always says that Saskatchewan is flat, but we have decided that Manitoba is flatter. Stephen loved to see all the hay bales and combines working in the fields. It was an ideal time to travel through the prairies for a kid who loves machines and trains!
We made it to the Langelaars, Clint and Karen. We hadn't seen them for years either. They are expecting a baby within the month and it was great to talk "baby" with them.

Driving back into Canada

We spent the evening with Paul and Alice in Winnipeg. Stephen and Paul have always had a bond. They had a great time looking for crickets, stones, and hot air balloons.
Welcome to Manitoba, Canada!!!
Paul and Stephen playing in the stones together.
Mommy and Stephen playing soccer at a rest stop. Stephen would say "Thank you Mommy" after every ball kicked to him!!
Welcome to North Dakota. It was our last state to travel through before returning to Canada.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Visiting the Angells in Duluth

Stephen went all out to watch the motorcycles leave the hotel parking lot! He had a great view from the window ledge.
Entering Duluth, Minnesota.
Here are Pam and Jo Jo at Aaron's grandmother's home. We met the Angells in Korea and have been able to see them twice since we've both been back. Aaron was already in Germany at this time and Pam was here with Jo Jo and Silas waiting for Grace to get out of the hospital.
Silas, Jo Jo and Stephen were running down the hall to clean up all the toys they played with.
As an update, Grace is out of the hospital and the whole family is back together in Germany. Praise the Lord for his healing hand!

More Driving

Stephen playing in his seat. Yes, he was this happy the whole time.
Picking out toys from his back pack. Here is one of his other car seat activities, sleeping. But it was never more than 45 minutes at a time!
Here we are entering Wisconsin. Janice was no longer allowed to take the State/Province signs!

The Last of the Chicago Pictures

Stephen and Ezra saying good bye to each other.
Daddy and Stephen building a truck in the woodworking part of the Children's Museum. The goggles were mandatory and way too big for Stephen!
Jeremy and Steph hamming it up for the camera.
The Vacuum tubes at the Museum. Stephen was quite interested in how it sucked up the soft balls and they went flying through the tubes. You might be able to see that his shorts are a little wet because of the water area.
This is Joy, Jeremy and Steph's second child. She made quite the entry into the world and was a great reminder for us of what a newborn entails!
Thanks for a great weekend Clarks!! Next time can be in Africa!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chicago's Children's Museum

Stephen playing in the water. They have the cutest little "water proof" aprons for the kids to wear.
Jeremy and Jono playing in the mirror hall.
Stephen wanted to make a butterfly. He was quite focused on his craft! Not bad for a first try at crafts. Too bad he destroyed the thing in the car by taking everything off the tube! He loved using the glue and the scissors. He wasn't coordinated enough to use one hand, so mommy had to hold the paper and then he would cut/rip the paper using two hands on the scissors!
These pegs glowed when you stuck them into the wall.
Another water picture.

Saturday morning we went to the Children's Museum with the Clarks. I think we all had a great time "learning and playing" there. Stephen got a little over stimulated at the museum but had a great time. More pictures on the next post. We need to find something like this in the Lower Mainland!

Recap of our Drive out West

We left Port Perry on Tuesday evening and headed to Listowel. We spent the night with Pake and Beppe and the morning in the doctor's office for Janice's appointment. (Note to self: don't book an appointment with a doctor the day they come back from summer holidays!) Stephen spent that time with Pake and Beppe and Uncle Kris' bike (see previous post). After lunch, we head to Ann Arbor, MI and spent the night with our friends Kendra and Jon. They made us a delicious meal of couscous. We had the same meal tonight! We walked around Ann Arbor and Stephen got to sit on yet another motorbike, this time a BMW. We didn't take any pictures of this visit. Sorry. Thursday morning we headed into Chicago to spend the weekend with Jeremy, Steph, Ezra and Joy. We hadn't seen each other since our wedding in 2000 so it was about time. Ezra and Stephen got along great, for the most part. Stephen was able to outrun Ezra which was good, because Ezra is definitely bigger, kinda like their dads!
The boys in the pool. Ezra can swim underwater and Stephen hates having water on his face.
At the park before the meltdown!
Having a bath together.
Taking a run outside. (Stephen really is faster, even though he's behind!)
Welcome to Illinois, land of never-ending road construction. We attempted to take a picture of all the states/provinces we travelled through. We missed Ontario and MI to begin. Well, better late than never!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Our Trip to BC

Stephen trying out Uncle Kris' new bike. He got up and put the helmet on himself!
Daddy swinging on a tree in a rest area. Are we getting rid of some energy?
Stephen hanging from a tree. Wonder where he got that idea?
Daddy taught Stephen how to climb trees. They had a lot of fun with this tree.
Uhmm...I wonder what he is thinking?? Mommy thinks he is a cutey!!

And Some More Summer Pictures

Barnhoorn family dinner at the Mongolian Grill
A Barnhoorn bonfire. Will it be a new tradition?
Stephen looking at Niagara Falls.

More Summer Pictures

Stephen helping Oma pick beans in the garden.
Playing at Evan's house.
Swimming at Kalea's pool. The big ball was a lot of fun.
The tree that was partially lost during a big storm.
A cute kid with some crazy hair.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Redeemer Reunion at the Haanstra's

The guys playing Boccee Ball.
Zachary and Stephen in Uncle Ron's tractor! I think it was their favourite place on the farm.
All of our kids getting ready for the hay ride.
Stephen enjoying a popcicle.
Playing on the swings. Who is having more fun?