Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun times with Uncle Dan

Waking up "early" for presents. Again. Why do I not have pictures of your birthday Dan?

A leisurely hike up a mountain in the village with big brother Jono.

Even made it to the top! Our village is hiding in the Harmattan dust.

We made salt dough ornaments and a Christmas paper chain. The chain got hung up right away but the ornaments are still sitting in a bowl on the counter. They will still be good for next year, right?

I guess the rest of the pictures are on Jono's computer. Part 2 will be coming at a later date.

Samuel's 5th Birthday!

The 5 year old blowing out his candles.

The morning of his birthday we went to the Wild Life Park with some friends. He shares a birthday with one of them and we all shared an ice cream cake. Funny thing was it was so cold that morning that we couldn't get it out of the pan! Here are the kids cleaning the platter - one wouldn't want to waste one little bit of ice cream!

With one of his presents. We finally made a rule that the scooter could NOT be ridden in the house!

Opening his present from Stephen - a hockey card! What could be better?

And eating cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing at his request. What could be better?

Esther's 2nd Birthday!

These pictures are in random order, sorry! Above is Esther "backing" her new baby. She only did it that day but I did have to retie baby numerous times.

The birthday girl had lots of help to open her presents before school.

Her birthday cake that we ate at Play Group. Thanks Aunt Julie for the decorating help.

Eating the icing from her cupcake. She would not eat the cupcake. We also took a picture of her with her friends on the compound but Esther was not sitting so lady-like so I don't think I can post it! I guess I need to work on teaching her about how to sit in a skirt!

And here she is with her new necklace from "My Valerie." Esther has a special relationship with Valerie and we are so thankful for it! We will also try not to think about living here without My Valerie's visits next year.

Happy birthday Esther! I know you want to be 3 like Silas but we pray that you enjoy being 2!