Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Look!

You may notice, if you are a regular to the Banter, that the look has changed. Well, with the help of some very intelligent people I managed to post links to the websites of some friends and family. You'll see this on the sidebar under "Friends and Family". The last template that we were using didn't have a spot for links and I couldn't figure out how to make the title for Friends and Family look the same as the Recent Posts and Archives, so instead of having a nasty looking red 'x' we decided to change the template. I hope you like it. I enjoyed putting links in so much that I also added a few to places like Ray Mayhew Online, which is a site with a veritable treasure trove of information Christian resources.
In other news, Stephen has just cut four, yes four, more new teeth. He now has 12 teeth! Four on the bottom in the front, four on the top in the front and four practically molars. Exciting times. He is also down to only one nap a day! Mommy loves that.
For those of you who we don't email regularly, we have been accepted into Wycliffe Canada, and are now starting to develop our support team. If you would like information about how to become part of our team, let us know. We'd love to send you our newsletter.
Our camera cord should be here any day, so pictures will hopefully be updated more often. I guess that's all the news we have. We'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment, or send us an email.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dad, what is that? Where am I?

Some cute pics

Can I help you make that one, Mom?
A not-so-happy Stephen.
Getting ready for bed.
Riding a bike on the deck.

Going for a walk!

Its a bit of a challenge when mom and dad put me in these big shoes and then they want me to push the stroller. I don't know why they laugh at me.


Mom made quite the feast for Thanksgiving. We had some of our Korean friends from CanIL over to celebrate (and eat) with us. Notice the "Adult table". The kids had their own table just like at home!!!

What is life without going to the park?

Sunday reading with mom!
I love the slide at the park!!!

Another assortment

Uhmm, how does this work? What is behind me? We have a new roof. I loved to watch the guys work but it was hard to nap with all the hammering.

An assortment of Stephen

An new way to read...
He loves to sit in his own chair...
Oops, I dumped my cheerios...
I want this pumpkin, Dad!