Monday, February 12, 2007

Home in Port Perry

Here are the two Barnhoorn boys. The get along great. No fighting at all. Hopefully that lasts.
Stephen is quite persistent. He is always able to convince someone to play with him. Here he is with Oma Great.
Opa reads a story to Stephen while Samuel sleeps in his seat.
Stephen is always excited to see snow because he gets to shovel it. If only he could actually move the snow off the driveway.
What a difference a year makes. Stephen hated snow a year ago. Now he loves to go out in it.


Finally, I am getting around to posting some more pictures. I know that our cross-country trip is little more than a memory by now, but better late than never, right? Here are a couple of sample pictures. The big wooden box is the trailer that we pulled back. The people in the pictures are fellow travellers Rod, Rebecca and Daniel. Daniel and I were travel buddies. Dan kept me awake while I drove. Rebecca kept Rod awake while he drove. Dave and Evelyn left Langley with us and we drove as far as Banff together. Of course, there were tonnes of pictures of mountains, but these pictures best portray the feeling of the trip. Sleepy looks and lots of fillups. We ate cereal in the car for breakfast and didn't stop except for dinner and gas stops. All in all, a one of a kind trip.

The crew.
Filling up in Regina. -22 was pretty tough to take after living in BC for two years.
Rebecca getting breakfast ready.
In Hearst, Rod finally figured out what was wrong with the washer fluid. "Someone" had put water in the resevoir.
Dan waking up.
It's someone else's turn to drive.
Here we are safely back home in Port Perry after three days on the road.

Monday, February 05, 2007