Thursday, February 23, 2006

An update

Well, it doesn't seem like much has happened to us lately. Praise the Lord for that! We really don't need anymore excitement. Our desktop crashed Tuesday morning as I, Janice, wanted to print my paper due that afternoon. We are very grateful for Doug in the Computer Lab at CanIL as he revived it. We, Jono and Janice, are going to Vancouver on Saturday for our first night without Stephen ever! We are quite excited to get away and sleep in! Much thanks to the Smiths for taking Stephen for the night. Janice has been sick with a nasty cold and it seems that Stephen has caught it as well. He is getting pretty good at covering his mouth and blowing his nose. Its quite cute to see him do but still rather nasty. We are looking forward to having Jono home more next week as he has Reading Break. Hopefully we will get some emails sent regarding potential assignments with the extra time. Don't worry, we'll keep you all updated!

Stephen in suspenders

We have had these suspenders since Stephen was born. I think they were a gift. The other day he wanted to wear them and this is how he looked. Quite cute, but a little Naoto-ish! We think he may have had a weggie with a cloth diaper on!

Stephen's a photographer!

Stephen was able to get a hold of our camera and this is the result! Nothing fancy but he found all the right buttons! Just so you know what the picture is of, he is on a chair, you can see a part of our desk and his own fingers. I think he might take after his Beppe!

Driving with Daddy at the park!

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Angell's Visit

We met Aaron and Pam in Korea. We were in the same Bible study for a while. It was great to see how much Silas had grown and to meet Johanna. The three kids played well together, even in the tub! Thanks for coming to visit!

Stephen Playing

Stephen loves to ride his horse that goes "neigh".
The other day he made a train and would push Blue Bear and Pooh up and down the hallway!

Weeding in January!!

Its great to have some sun. The ground gets to dry out a bit and we can spend some time outside in the sun! We had been noticing for a while that our front flowerbed had become more of a weedbed. There are even tulips working their way out, at least I think they are tulips!