Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Santa Claus Parade of the season...another one this Saturday!

Lego robots by Samuel and Stephen - a picture just for Daddy since chances are they won't be around when you come home!

A rainbow on the walk to Pake and Beppe's after the parade in Harriston.

Super excited Samuel!

Stephen and Marie - candy catchers extraordinaire.

Jason and Silas - the little boy who would NOT wear his mitts!

Esther all bundled up to stay warm - not a peep with all the sirens.

The one who misses Daddy the most this time.

It's been a month, so I guess it is time for another post!

In completely random order....
Stephen listening to instructions on how to be safe rock climbing. He did very well for his first time. On a side note, the kids think that Aunt Kristy and Uncle Kris have the coolest house ever - they live at a camp!

Three pumpkins for three boys. Good work everybody!

The kids had two days off at the end of October so we went to the Science Center in Toronto.
The "rain forest" room.

The boys loved building tracks for the balls. It was nice and empty once all the school kids left!

Here is my favourite rock band.

Silas really enjoyed watching the fish. "Ook Mom! A baby fish! A mommy fish!"

Four in the car but who is the driver?

Stephen busy playing in the toy room. I do believe this was taken after he missed the bus for the first and hopefully only time.

My baby girl is almost one! She loves her banana and watered down juice first thing in the morning! Can you guess how she slept that night?