Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pictures to prove we are still around! (not in any order)

We finally convinced Silas that it would be a good idea to shave his head like Daddy and Stephen. He definitely looks a lot older now!

Here is team Heroic. They took on team Daddy in a game of soccer. It was wonderful to be able to spend a week with our neighbours from Nigeria. We will see you all in March in Jos!

For Stephen's birthday, we went to the Children's Museum in London, ON. Here is a picture of the boys making me lunch in an old fashioned kitchen.

Here is our newest driver in the family. We put Esther in here one day when she was fussy during dinner and she loved it! She is even able to get it to move around the yard!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes, we are alive!

Feeling like it is taking all we have to stay afloat. Life seems really busy - or we make it really busy. We have been in our new house for a month now and JUST found the camera charger. Maybe soon we will get around to posting some new pictures on here. The kids are all well. Stephen turned 6 last month, Samuel had his last soccer game, Silas is teething and talking a lot, and Esther is crawling all over the place. Jono leaves again next month, so probably when he's gone, there will be more posts. That seems to be the way it goes. We are off later today to meet some wonderful friends and camp for the week in WI. See you when we get back!