Thursday, July 20, 2006

Recent events

Matt, Janice's brother, moved into his first home and finally proposed to Steph and she said yes! Congratulations!
This past Monday evening, we hosted an Barnhoorn Information Evening for some people from Palmerston church. We think it was a successful evening. Some new people have expressed interest in being part of our team! We have spent time this week meeting with supporters, going to the doctor and thinking about packing! We have also viewed a few homes and are trying to find a home that we could afford!

We do want to apologize for the poor updating since being in Ontario. Niether set of parents have high speed internet so it is a challenge! Thankfully Matt now has high speed and we are using it tonight!

The Fall

After going to church on Sunday morning and speaking there, we came home and were getting lunch ready. Stephen was outside on the front deck throwing a ball to Titus, the dog. Suddenly we heard him wailing and crying. He had fallen down the stairs and got a rather large, fat and bloody lip!


The second weekend of July was Drost Camping with my dad's family. Stephen loved camping but wasn't too keen about how dirty he got! He liked the big houses (motorhomes) and the tractor that took him on a wagon ride to see the deer (elk). They also had a very cold swimming pool.

Saugeen Conservation Area

While Jono was busy camping with the boys, Stephen, Dad and I went to the Saugeen Conservation Area. It's a place we used to go to when we were young. It has many animals and trails to hike. It was also shady so it was a great way to get out of the heat.

Since the wedding

It has been a busy/relaxing summer so far. Before the wedding, we were able to spend a few days with Jono's family in Port Perry. Stephen loved playing with Uncle Dan's project. Unfortunately, he did not love the sandbox that Opa (Jono's dad) had spent hours cleaning up for him. Stephen still does not appreciate being dirty! BUT, he has overcome his aversion to grass and will now walk through the grass barefoot!!!

Theresa and Joe's Wedding

I have tried to post pics from the wedding but am running into some trouble. For now, if you want to see pictures, you can go to Theresa and Joe's blog from the link on our page.

It was a great day despite Stephen being sick. We still don't know what he had, but it wasn't nice. Thankfully he woke up Sunday feeling much better but he was also covered in a rash! He was glad to be able to play with his new best friends, Aiden and Ashton, my parent's neighbours.

Getting to Ontario

We flew to Ontario on the 13th of June. We were picked up by a very excited Beppe (Janice's mom). Stephen even recognized her and gave her a hug. He was quickly distracted by the luggage carts and was able to go for a few rides while we waited for our luggage. We drove to Elmira to meet Janice's siblings for dinner. On the way we were able to get Stephen to tell Beppe that there is a baby in Mommy's tummy. My mother was quite excited! We had to tell Pake (Janice's dad) over the phone as he was in a course, stuck in Toronto.
After dinner, we made it to our new home for the next month. Stephen seemed to remember it and adjusted quickly. Janice promptly tried on her bridesmaid dress to affirm the fact that it didn't fit properly! The next day we were able to find a seamstress and have her alter the dress in time for Theresa's wedding.
For those who were wondering, everyone now knows that we are expecting. It was great to tell people our great news!

A free day before flying to Ontario

COPE/WOC was finished late Friday night, so we had 3 days before we flew to Ontario. We slept in Saturday morning and did some running around. On Sunday we stopped at Uncle Jake and Auntie Donna's house for lunch. Stephen loves going there and spending time with them and Auntie Dendra (Kendra). Hopefully we will see them in Ontario later this summer. We went to the water park on Monday to kill some time and have some fun. As it turns out, Stephen loves water and getting wet!
Showing off new gloves from Jake and Donna. They match a head band received earlier (which we were unable to find at the time of this picture).


A long time ago, or what seems like a long time ago, we spent two weeks in a course. It was a Wycliffe Orientation Course (WOC) and COPE was about culture and stuff. I can't remember what it stands for.
We spent two weeks learning about culture, Wycliffe, interpersonal issues, life on the field, partnership development, insurance, prayer and other things related to life overseas. It was an intense, but great couple of weeks. Meals were provided so we didn't have to cook or shop for two weeks. They also provided babysitting for Stephen! We also got to meet many cool new friends.