Monday, December 13, 2010

Samuel's Birthday

Here is our 4 year old with his birthday cake. He may act shy, but I do believe he enjoyed the attention!

And he was able to blow out the candles but there were others who were willing to help him at a moments notice!

Esther's Birthday

Here is Esther's tray of birthday cupcakes. She wasn't sure what to do at all. She had three brothers and two cousins who were more than helpful!

Opening presents with mommy. She was so overwhelmed by the attention and presents. So far her favourite present seems to be the spoons from her tea set.

And what would a first birthday be without the birthday girl eating cake. She LOVED the icing and totally enjoyed the whole cupcake.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Super Excited!

I am super excited for a few reasons today.
1. Jono comes home this evening after being gone for 8 sleeps.
2. Esther turns 1 tomorrow! Where did the last year go?
3. Our friends K & J will be receiving their little guy this week if all goes well! I am so excited to see them be parents and see the plan that God has for this family of 3! And hopefully, I can fit in a visit to see them before we head out in March.