Monday, February 28, 2005


Stephen got his second tooth two weeks ago without much fanfare. He woke up from his afternoon nap and he had cut it during his sleep. Mom and Dad prefer this method of teething as it is much easier on them! Uncle Matt and his friend Mike were over for a week. They were able to see more of this area than we have. They had a great time and want to move out here. Too bad there are too many things and people tying them to good 'ol Ontario. These past two weeks have been beautiful out here. Who would have thought that you could wear sandals and t-shirts in February and not turn blue in Canada. This, we could get used to.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Daddy is sooo comfy to sleep on. Here I am only 5 days old. Boy was I small. Posted by Hello

This is one of Stephen's favourite things to do: take a bath in the big tub with his toys. If he is grumpy or tired, this will make him happy. Posted by Hello

Stephen and snow. He didn't know what to do when he was in Ontario over Christmas and there was all this white stuff on the ground. He also wasn't so sure about the bright sunshine. He wasn't used to either after being in BC! Posted by Hello

Theresa and Joe - I think Theresa is getting ideas Joe. Thanks for helping with Stephen guys. Posted by Hello

Dad and day she will be the bride. Watch out world! (and Joe) Posted by Hello

The Groomsmen - Dad (center) was the Best Man and the Father of the Groom. Somehow he didn't have to make 2 speeches! I think Kris (right) might have smiled once. Matt (left) definitely takes after his father. Posted by Hello

The Bride & Groom (Leanne & Phil) Posted by Hello

The cutest ring bearer and his mom Posted by Hello

The Wedding

The wedding was wonderful. The bride looked beautiful and the groom looked good too! Stephen looked quite handsome in his tux and tried to be the center of attention. The minister paused the ceremony for a moment because Stephen was talking so loud. All in attendance celebrated with the newlyweds. The food was yummy.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Yeah for Stephen!

This morning Stephen cut his first tooth!! That would explain his behaviour these past few days. You can barely see the tooth but its there, just let him bite your hand! Hopefully every tooth won't have such a painful appearing. We are hoping that things, and Stephen,will get back to normal quickly.
On Thursday Stephen and Janice fly to Ontario for Uncle Phil and Aunt Leanne's wedding! We'll post some pictures shortly after the festivities.