Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here's the latest in the bath!

Do you think I have enough bath toys?

Opa, I can hammer just like you!!

Stephen loves to hammer on his bench.

Don't Stephen and Jono look so cute dressed the same?

MissionsFest Vancouver 2006

We spent Friday afternoon in Vancouver at MissionsFest. Here are some pics from the Wycliffe/CanIL booth. We spent 2 hours there manning the booth with some friends. Stephen had a great time playing with a balloon and running around the convention centre. Isn't the painting great?

The "kids" from Mom's Group

Stephen, Reese, Lukas, and William. I get to play with these guys every Thursday when our moms get together. We just want to say "Bye" to Reese and her mom and dad (Renee and Ben) as they have moved to Arizona. We miss you!

Just like old times, the three boys are back together again!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Just want to wish Theresa and Joe all the best. They got engaged last night and will get married this summer! Wow! My little sister is getting married. We pray that the Lord will guide them and bless them as they plan for their life together.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stephen and his spots

As we found out New Year's Eve morning, Stephen is allergic to all medicine ending in -illin. Here are some pics of him with his lovely rash. The doctor says its not a "severe, deadly allergy" but it looked rather nasty. So far he has had a bottle and a half of Benedryl to get rid of the spots. They are slowly fading. The best part was that he wasn't itchy or "sick". He still loved to show off his muscles!

A huge thankyou to the Stelpstras

Just wanted to thank the Stelpstras again. They came to the hospital Christmas morning and picked up Stephen. Thankfully he was an angel as they watched him all day! Somehow he even sat through church quietly! Why doesn't he behave like that at home?? Guys, its great to know that we have family out here too! Thanks again!

Jono in the hospital

Here's one where Jono looks real great! He does have another tube from his stomach that you can't see. It was used to drain his stomach area of infection and blood. Jono said it was quite painful when they yanked it out. At one point he also had an IV in his other hand too. We won't post pictures of the incision, it might make you queasy!
Here is Jono and Stephen in the hospital. Visits with Stephen didn't last long because there wasn't a lot of room for him to roam.

Our Family Christmas on Christmas Eve

Stephen's second Christmas. This was before we opened the gifts. Thankyou for all your gifts.
Stephen and his many Christmas presents. Beppe and Pake, thanks for the potty. Now I have somewhere to read!! Thanks Auntie Cami for my first ever VeggieTales DVD!!
Here is our second family Christmas picture.

Mini Golf before Christmas

Mommy and Stephen. Mommy didn't do well at all. Daddy beat her even with a ruptured appendix!!
Here is Stephen putting the ball on the tee. He was quite focused in his task. Too bad he wasn't able to actually hit it!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Home Again!

Just thought I'd let our blog audience know that I am home from the hospital! It feels great to have some personal space again and to have family around. I'm still pretty tired and feel like I can't do too much, but Janice isn't letting me do any work anyway.
Stephen looks pretty funny right now. He has a red face that is slightly swollen and red dots all over his body. He had an allergic reaction to the drugs he was taking for strep throat. It seems that he is allergic to any sort of -illin, as in penicillin, amoxicillin, you name it. We found that out after Janice took Stephen to the emergency room, as I was leaving the hospital yesterday.
It's been a pretty weird Christmas holidays, but we're still together as a family. Praise God for his healing!