Sunday, May 21, 2006


For those of you who don't know Stephen is a professional personal trainer. Here he is in his uniform. The headband is from Jake and Donna and says "Ice Age" on it. It came in a cereal box. No one wears it as well as Stephen. And yes, he always looks this cool.

More Babysitting

Janice is also babysitting a couple mornings for a mom in her Bible Study group. She babysits them here at home. "Luta" (Lukas) and Stephen get along pretty well together. The other day we took Lukas with us while we went to the dentist. The dentists are a couple who are big supporters of Wycliffe and CanIL. They are wonderful people. Unfortuanately for us they ran into some big problems the morning we visited them. What was supposed to be a thirty minute visit ended up being a three hour stay. Fortunately Stephen and Lukas played together the whole time and were no problem even though they didn't have lunch and only a handful of animal crackers. At home, they love playing with the water in the water table.

Talking with Oma

Oma had a treat the other day when she called. Stephen was in a mood where he actually wanted to talk on the phone. We just had to take a picture of it.

Lunch at the Stelpstras

For Mother's Day I took Janice out to some friends of ours. Donna just won a parachute at a book fair, so we took it out in the back yard. Jake had fun with Stephen, throwing the ball on the "woot" or roof if you don't speak Stephenish. Kendra also got to play with Stephen a little (although not as much as she would have liked). We also got to watch the season finale of Survivor with them. Don't you just love the hat? All in all, Janice had a great Mother's Day. Just ask her.


Janice still babysits a couple mornings a week. Stephen loves to go there because of some of their toys. Of course, it doesn't hurt that there are two girls there, as well. Here are some pictures of one of the biggest toys (a boucny castle) and one of the girls.


Some friends of ours from CanIL have recently moved. Their oldest son has outgrown his Megablocks and now only plays with Lego. So Stephen has inherited the Megablocks. He loves them and plays with them every day. He enjoys making "tower" (He can pronounce tower fairly well.) but his favourite thing is to knock them down. In the one picture you'll notice that Stephen looks like he's falling down. Actually, he's jumping on the couch. He likes to jump when he gets excited.

Hair Cut

Stephen's hair was getting long again, so we cut it. We also figured we should cut it before his Aunt Theresa's wedding so that some of the inevitable "holes" would have time to fill in. Here are some pictures of the process. We fed him candy and let him watch a Veggie Tales movie to help the procedure go a little smoother. We forgot to take before pictures, but have a look at the pictures below to give you an idea of how long it was.

Bi Tu and Moye

Apparently Stephen takes after his uncle Rod. He loves to watch the cars go by from our back porch. He stands on his picnic table so that he can get a better view of the "bi tu" (big truck) and "moye" (motocycles) that go by our place at breakneck speeds.

Auditioning for Happy Gilmore

Here is a shot of Stephen in his audition for Happy Gilmore. Apparently they were looking for more of a sports character and less of a home maker. Actually he has one of those horse-heads-on-a-broomstick toys and was pretending that the broom was a horse.

Thursday, May 04, 2006