Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where have the Barnhoorns gone?

Well, it's definitely been a long time since we updated this site. Mainly it is because the only internet connections we have are dial-up. Being ex-highspeed internet users, we find dial-up to be quite frustrating. So we have been avoiding the internet as much as possible. We have also been doing a bit of visiting friends and family. We were at Palmerston CRC last Sunday where we gave a quick update about what we have been up to.
We recently found a "wireless hotspot" at the local library here in Port Perry. That's where we are today. We hope you enjoy the pictures.These pictures are in the wrong order, but right now it doesn't matter. Here are a couple pictures of the us packing up and cleaning the house.

Here is a lovely picture of the Barnhoorn family on Christmas day. (Man, is it ever tough to get good pictures of toddlers!)
Uncle Dave thinks everyone should learn to play the guitar and Stephen agrees with him.
Here is a picture taken on Christmas day. We had a great time with the whole family. I don't think our house would've been cleaned and packed up in time if it weren't for the help of these great people. Thanks Barnhoorn gang. You guys are great! Thanks to Rod for taking these picutres, too.
Christmas 2006 is likely the last time in a long time that we will all be together. Praise God that we all got along. There were barely enough rooms for everyone. Rod and Rebecca had to sleep in the kitchen, and Dave and Evelyn were in the living room. Daniel had to sleep with Stephen. It was definitely a week to remember.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


For the third time in less than three years, I drove most of the way across the greatest country in the world. On December 28, I set out from Langley, BC with Rod, Rebecca and Dan. Dave and Ev drove with us until we reached Banff. We stopped at a hotel in Golden, BC the first night. (The website almost makes it look nice.)
After that we decided to drive straight through. Of course, we were pulling a box trailer that dropped our gas mileage to about 18 litres/100 km (or 11 MPG for you imperialists) so we made a fair number of stops at gas stations throughout the country. After driving out of BC, through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and into Ontario within 24 hours, we finally arrived in Port Perry at about 1:00 pm on New Years Eve. The halfway point of the trip was actually just outside of the Ontario border.
After eating supper and playing some Boggle, Rebecca, Rod and I were all sleeping by 10:00, but Daniel went out with some friends and partied until about 5:00 am. (Now that's hardcore!)
The trip itself was relatively uneventful. The biggest excitement was when Rod managed to fix the windshield washer fluid sprayer! Actually we didn't even need it until we reached northern Ontario. This is not to say that the trip was boring, but that the trip went incredibly smoothly. We had good weather, no car troubles and no interpersonal conflicts. (In fact, the biggest issue was when Daniel beat me at Cribbage.)
Praise God for safe travels for over 4300 km of winter roads! We saw only one moose and very little snow.
Now hopefully these pictures will work. Rod and Dan took some real winners. I can't seem to upload them on this slow dial-up connection.