Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stephen's Second Soccer Game and more

A proud mom over here - Stephen scored 3 goals tonight in his second soccer game. I think he takes after his father! The part I liked to see the most was how he cheered just as much for the other kids' goals as he did for his own! He even learned about "kicking it to the other team after they get hurt" - sportsmanship!
Many thanks to Pake and Beppe for watching all 4 kids today so I could go to London and visit my friend and her new, tiny baby. It was good to be able to visit without kids! Please pray for them as they have a long road ahead.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First time to school and first soccer game.

Stephen went to school for the day to meet his future classmates. He had a great time and his favourite part was doing high jump.

Here is Stephen in his first soccer game. I totally forgot his black shorts! BUT I did remember everything else. And Daddy, he looks like a mini you on the field!

Silas and Esther have been real troopers to go with us to practices and games. I am getting a lot of use out of my new stroller too!

Indoor Soccer

Gotta love jumping jacks.

Stretching is important...

So is circle time to get instructions.

We enrolled the oldest two in a 4 week indoor soccer program before we found out we were staying. Driving 30 minutes once a week is not my idea of fun, especially when one child does NOT want to participate.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Mom and the kids

Just so everyone knows, Jono left on Saturday for Nigeria. We are holding down the fort without him. Day #3 and all is well so far. Kids have been playing with their "new" car and with stickers from Aunt Nancy. This afternoon Samuel is off to the ENT to have his hearing and tonsils checked out. Please pray with me that he handles be poked and looked at well. Until next time, Janice.