Sunday, June 26, 2011

All dressed up!

We were invited as special guests to a Send Forth. Our neighbour is getting married in August and had her Send Forth today. I guess it could be compared to a North American bridal shower. There was lots of loud music, dancing, and food.

A shot taken by Stephen. Not sure it is our best angle...

And one of the 4 kids - nope, can't get them all smiling at the same time.

And the two youngest by Daddy's car.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May and June - a little bit of everything

Silas turned 3 on the 22nd of May. He is excited to be a big boy now and had cupcakes and a cake!

Samuel is our dresser upper. Can never be too safe while playing hockey or riding a bike.

Lego is a constant source of entertainment and frustration in our house. Here is their latest creation in progress - Lego City. Hard to tell from Stephen's picture, but there is multiple living levels.

The end of May was also Jono's birthday. We celebrated it (along with Memorial Day and Victoria Day) with our good friends by having a grill. Then we realized that this was the second birthday he celebrated at their house!

This is where it feels I spend most of my time. A couple weeks ago my neighbour and I hosted 20 adults plus children for a pizza dinner. Our guests had been working at a workshop and were quite excited by our pizza, veggies and dip, brownies and fudge sauce, and green mango crisp and (bad) ice cream. If you look close enough, you can see the flower that Samuel gave me to wear so I can look pretty.

Hard to believe but this house has a lot of activity in it and around it most days.

We finally had our grass cut this past week and the kids used it to make a fort.

Esther loves to talk on my phone. "Ello? Daddy?"

This is Daddy's car. You do not climb on it. You do not throw stones on it. You do not put your shoes on the seat. Not really a child friendly car but will do just fine for Daddy to take to the village. That's where the two of them are right now!

Here is an exciting blanket train created before breakfast. The kids had a lot of fun with it on what turned out to be a tough day for Mommy and Daddy. Jackson, one day we will meet you in person! Then you can show Samuel where all the controls are up there, he really wants to know how it all works!