Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Pictures

Attempt at using the wagon - good in theory. Not great by the participants!

Silas has developed a cheesy camera face. Its really hard to get him NOT to do it!

Don't mess with me Samuel!

The two responsible for the other four!

Samuel looking all grown up.

Our biggest guy - Stephen!

The four kiddos!

Aunt Hannah, I am two!

Esther and her blanket. I never thought I would have a kid attached to a blanket...

And a decent family shot.
Thanks to Hannah and family for the great photo shoot and a great sleep over!

Monday, January 03, 2011

The End of December

The 6 Barnhoorn cousins at Oma and Opa's on Christmas Day.

Esther opening a present at our family Christmas.

The boys getting their Lego for Christmas from Mom and Dad.

5 out of 6 Barnhoorns!

The Middle of December

Friends invited us to go skating with them. Samuel donned skates for the first time ever and lasted about half an hour and then switched into books.

Silas also loved skating in his boots. He was thrilled!

We spent a few hours one morning at the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge. It was nice and warm inside and we all enjoyed doing a special game with prizes!

We were unable to get a family shot taken but here is me with all the kids.