Monday, November 27, 2006

School's cancelled

Well, because of the weather all classes at TWU are cancelled for Monday. It's great because Monday's are my busiest days at school. I have two assignments due today, but I guess I can't hand them in.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm dreaming of a whilte month before Christmas

Out here in Vancouver, BC we're having what they call a "snow storm." I'm sure most of you know what they are, but in our three winters here we have never seen this much snow. Our neighbours across the cul-de-sac have a four-wheeler which they were using to pull sleds around on. Stephen was very excited when they asked him if he wanted a ride. He's the one in the blue coat who looks like he's laying down.
In some of these pictures Stephen doesn't look too happy, but actually he really enjoyed the snow. We were outside all morning and then for a couple hours in the afternoon. We made a snowman. The snow was pretty good for packing, but it didn't roll too well. But the snowman turned out okay. He has chalk for a face and a crown that Stephen made in Sunday School for a hat.
Apparently it's supposed to continue snowing for a couple more days. I wonder if classes will be cancelled tomorrow...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's snowing!

Its still November and its snowing in Langley, BC. I didn't think it was supposed to do that here. Stephen wants to know why its falling. We definitely have crazy weather out here.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The lovely pregnant Janice

Here are a couple pictures of Janice with only one month to go in her pregnancy. Stephen is also turning out to be quite the poser. He insisted on taking a picture of him kissing the baby.

Stephen in the bath

One night Jono told Stephen that if he was done on the potty it was time for the bath. While we were in the kitchen Stephen decided he was done on the potty and put himself into the bathtub. He didn't seem to think anything was wrong when we checked on him.

Pumpkin carving

Daddy and Stephen got to do some pumpkin carving with the pumpkin that Stephen had picked out. He really liked
blowing out the candle in it.


Stephen is actually afraid of the vacuum, but if he can push it "by himself" he's okay.

Stephen's new trick

Stephen has started to take his shirt off in bed. Somehow he manages to get both his arms up through the neck of his shirt. We found him one night with his shirt down around his waist. What a kid!

Birthday Picture

Well, I finally got a couple pictures of Janice from her birthday meal. We went out to classy Kelsey's. Janice got a free desert (which I got to eat most of).
Stephen didn't get to eat any of it (poor guy), due to his allergies.