Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Janice

Two days ago was Janice's birthday. Make sure you all write this date on your birthday calendars for next year. Anyway, being the absent-minded person that I am, I forgot to post. (Sorry, Janice.) Fortunately I did have presents for her. Janice, I hope you had a good birthday.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weaver Creek Salmon Run

Saturday's beautiful weather continued through today so Jake and Donna took us up to Weaver Creek, a Department of Fisheries place. At Weaver Creek they count salmon that come up the river. They have a booth that sits above the water. It was very neat to see these big fish, jumping up the rapids. Many of them were quite tired and a lot of them were dead, but there were also many that were still alive and kicking. The sign said that 841 Sockeye and 3 Chum had gone through the gates that day. Since the run has begun over 28,000 had gone through and of these, 19,000 had died.

Golden Ears Provincial Park

We had such beautiful weather this wekend that we could not stay inside. We went with Matt and Zita and their children, Hannah, Tamara and Noble, to Golden Ears Provincial Park. It was very fun and we had a great time. Stephen and the girls collected a lot of big leaves. We even brought some home.

Potty Time

Just wanted to let you all know that Stephen spent some time on the potty this week... And he actually managed to earn some candy!! Unfortuantely he still also likes to pee in his diaper.

Visit with Garry

A good friend from Korea came up to Vancouver to visit his brother who is studying at Regent College. We were able to make it to see the two of them and were treated to a delicious meal. Stephen had a great time playing with Garry and Mark. It was awesome to catch up with a very good friend.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Its that time again .... haircut!!

In the process of the haircut. We forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Sorry, I guess you will have to check our next update to see what it looks like!
Funky hair!

Stephen did really well as mommy cut his hair. He was watching "Nemo" on Daddy's computer. He doesn't mind the whole process until it comes to trimming the hair by his ears. That didn't go so well this time so hopefully no one looks too closely at his ears!

We tried underwear!!

Stephen tried wearing big boy underwear on Saturday. He lasted for an hour or two but then made a large puddle on the kitchen floor. He loved the freedom of not wearing a diaper but was too busy to pee in the potty. At least he didn't pee on the carpet!

A beautiful autumn tree

Thanksgiving Weekend

Tamara and Hannah on the train ride.

The neat thing about this park is that there is a train. Here is a picture of Stephen on the train before it left the station.

We think Stephen has a new friend. Thanks, Tamara, for making sure that Stephen was ok all day!

Stephen loved to play on the motorcycle. Watch out Uncle Matt and Uncle Kris! He's gonna try to ride your wheels next summer!

Here is Matt playing on the digger in the small playground.

On Thanksgiving Monday we went to Bear Creek Park with the Merritts. Here we are enjoying our lunch in the sun.

We spent Thanksgiving Sunday with our adopted family out here, the Stelpstras. We enjoyed a great afternoon with them. Stephen and Donna went to the park. Jono hung out with Bryan in the TV room. We even got in a game of Euchre before the big meal. Thanks for the great food and fellowship Stelpstras.

Williams Park

Stephen and some large trees at the park.
Stephen enjoyed throwing leaves into the river and watch them float away.
Stephen up on a trail along the river. We were able to find lots of cans and bottles to recycle!!
Before Thanksgiving, we spent an afternoon at Williams Park. It is a big park that has trails along a river that is supposed to have fish in it. We didn't see any fish but had a great time in the beautiful woods.

The Pregnant Mom

2 months to go. (October)
Stephen is giving the baby a kiss. Some days he wants a baby brother and others a baby sister. He's excited about sharing his room and blankets. He keeps asking if the baby is ready yet.
3 months left to go. (September)

More Random pics

This was Stephen's latest pose while talking on the phone with Daddy.
Does this count as sucking his thumb? Technically its just resting on his lip.

We are trying this potty training thing. Stephen knows when he has to go (ie he leaves the room) but doesn't seem quite ready to tell us BEFORE hand that he needs to use the potty. He knows that he's supposed to pee in the potty and that he'll get to flush the toilet and get a candy but it still doesn't seem to motivate him.
Stephen talking on the phone to one of his grandparents. He loves to talk on the phone all by himself but his attention span is quite short!

Some Random pics since we've been home

Our pear-apple and apple trees were full when we got home. Stephne likes to pick them and eat them when he plays outside. We have had a fair amount of apple crisp and fresh apple sauce this fall.
Stephen was finally allowed to play with his birthday present. He loves playing with play doh. For some reason he always picks the black play doh to play with.
Nice socks dude!
Here is Stephen reading by himself on the couch.
Here is Stephen with his sad face on.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Home Stretch

We stopped along Highway 1 to watch some of the salmon making their way up the river.
This is our cool dude Stephen.
Watching the salmon from the bridge.
We were given some fruit juice in Calgary from our gracious hosts. Stephen kept asking if he could have some. Then he played with the bottle when we finished it. We kept hearing "Mommy! Daddy! Stephen drinking beer!" We're not sure how he came to the conclusion that it was beer!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And Finally Into BC

Construction of a new highway in Kicking Horse Pass
Welcome to BC, the modest province. The sign reads "The Best Place on Earth."
Mountains inbetween Jasper and Banff. Interestingly enough, it was cloudy like this the first time we drove here from Ontario.
Stephen spent his time at this rest area jumping for berries so he could throw them into gopher holes.
Here is a lovely picture of Jono's Greek textbook. He spent a decent amount of time on his Greek as we drove across. Yes, he finished his course and did well too.