Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our farm and the First day of School!

Here is our farm. It only has Irish potatoes in it if you don't count the banana tree that hasn't given us any bananas. The plan is to plant other vegetables after we get the potatoes out of the ground. And yes, I have been slack with the weeding. You would too if the weather and mosquitoes are working against you!

Being from Ontario, it is very strange to have school start in August. I was so not ready for today! It snuck up on us all! I did our first day of homeschooling Samuel after we got Stephen to school and attended Chapel with him. A little bit of a late start, but it went fairly well. Keeping 3 busy at the same time does pose a bit of a challenge but hopefully it will work well.

And here is the big 2nd grader. It was a wet, rainy morning which was probably why we got to school on time. The traffic was unusually light! I do think I will miss the big yellow school bus picking the kids up and dropping them off every day. But thankfully, we are trying to carpool with our neighbours to save us all time and gas!

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